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Denmark Township

Denmark Town Board
Town Board members are elected by the residents of Denmark Township to four-year terms. Terms are staggered so that the board always includes experienced members (term expiration dates are listed below). The positions of Chair and Vice-Chair are appointed by the board and rotate each year.

The Board is responsible for:

Determining and maintaining the township's annual budget

Passing ordinances and approving the township's Comprehensive Plan

Enforcing ordinances

Overseeing maintenance of and improvements to the township's physical infrastructure

Ruling on all applications for variances, conditional use permits and other zoning matters

Responding to residents' requests and complaints

The Board meets on the first Monday of each month, at 7 PM in the Town Hall.

Board Members:
NameResponsibilities                                                      Term
Contact Information
Joe Moore

Roads & Bridges
Board Liaison To Township Engineer
Emergency Management Liaison
Town Hall Maintenance/Park & Rec


Phone: (651) 436-8423

Kathy Higgins, Chair

Represent Denmark on Hastings Rural Fire Assoc.
Board Liaison to Township Planner
Board Liaison to Township Building Inspector  
Board Liaison to Township Planning Commission      Liaison to Clerk


Phone: (651) 437-2980
Fax:     (651) 437-2980
Karen Herman

Mississippi River Bike Trail (MRT)
Weed Inspection (alternate)
Ditch Mowing


Phone: (651) 436-7119

 John StrohfusRoads & Bridges (alternate)    
O'Connor Park
Town Hall Maintenance/Park & Recreation (alternate)

Phone:  (612) 384-5023

 Bob Rucker


O'Connor Park
Weed Inspection
Ditch Mowing (alternate)
Animal Control/Gopher Bounty



 Phone: (651) 398-6117

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