Planning Commission

Planning Commission  members are appointed (upon application) by the Town Board to three-year terms. Terms are staggered so that the Commission always includes experienced members (term expiration dates are listed below). The positions of Chair and Secretary are appointed by the Commission and rotate each year.

Click here for a Planning Commission Application.

The Planning Commission advises the Town Board on zoning and land-use issues. Their rulings are advisory, and can be accepted, rejected or modified by the Town Board, which has final say on such matters.

Drafts of Township ordinances and the Comprehensive Plan are first reviewed by the Planning Commission before being submitted to the Town Board for approval.

Applications for variances, conditional use permits, lot splits or other zoning requests are first presented to the Planning Commission in a public hearing in which the commission hears the applicant and any public comment, then makes a recommendation for action to the Town Board. The Board, in turn, has the power to accept, modify or reject that recommendation.

All Planning Commission hearings on applications are published in advance in the township's legal newspaper of record, Pioneer Press - as are all township public hearings.

A single planning, zoning and subdivision Application Form covers the following situations:
  • Preliminary Plat Application
  • Final Plat Application
  • Variance
  • Major Subdivision
  • Minor Subdivision
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Interim Use Permit
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Ag Certificate of Compliance
Go to the Applications & Permits page to download all necessary forms and review schedules, procedures and requirements.

Planning Commission Members:

Name Term Expires  
Steve Radke 03/2026  
Bob Barr, Chair 03/2024  
Roger Lang 03/2025  
Natalia Keene 03/2026  
Mike Kelz 03/2024