Accessory Structures

What is an accessory structure?

An accessory structure is defined as a single one-story or two-story structure greater than 120 square feet in size, detached from the main single-family residence on the same lot, and used or intended to be used for the storage of personal property or for agricultural purposes. The footprint of the building shall be used to measure the total square footage of an accessory structure. The footprint of an accessory structure, for the purposes of determining total square footage, includes the area under any attached lean-to or similar structure containing a roof.

Do I need a building permit for an accessory structure?

A building permit is required for all accessory structures in the Township except:
• Agricultural buildings on farms that are at least 20+ acres in size
• Small accessory buildings that are 120 square feet in size or smaller

Building Permit Application

Can I have an accessory structure on my property before I build a house?

No-The Township requires that the principal building be constructed prior to any accessory buildings unless the property is a rural farm containing forty (40) acres or more and meeting the definition of agricultural land in Minn. Stat. § 273.13, subdivision 23(c) as it may be amended.

How many accessory structures can I have on my property?

What size accessory structure can I build? The permitted size and number of accessory structures located in Agricultural Preserve (AP), Agricultural (A-2), Residential (RR), and Single-Family Estate (SFE) are as follows:

Lot Area

Total Accessory Structure

Square Footage Allowed*

Number of Accessory

Structures Allowed

Maximum Sidewall Height**
Less than one acre 1,000 square feet 1 12 feet
1 acre-1.99 acres 1,600 square feet 1 12 feet
2 acres-4.99 acres 2,000 square feet 2 14 feet
5 acres-7.99 acres 2,600 square feet 2 16 feet
8 acres-9.99 acres 3,200 square feet 2 16 feet
10 acres-19.99 acres 4,000 square feet 2 16 feet
20+ acres

Agricultural Buildings:  Unlimited

Non-Agricultural Buildings: 
5,000 Square Feet

Agricultural Buildings: Unlimited

Non-Agricultural Buildings:  3

16 feet


Is there a maximum height of an accessory structure?

Yes, the maximum height of an accessory structure shall not exceed 35 feet.

Are there setback requirements for accessory structures?

Front Side Rear
40 feet 20 feet 50 feet