Township Staff

The township staff are paid specialists hired by the Town Board. They provide services needed to conduct our township's official business and maintain its infrastructure.

Township staff serve at the pleasure of the Town Board and are paid from our taxes. If you feel that any staff person has done a commendable job, or if you have a complaint about any staff person's performance, please let a Town Board member know.

Please Note: Some staff positions charge the township for their services by-the-minute, including time spent responding to phone calls. Therefore please contact them only through the Town Board representative listed under "Contact Info." Thank you.

Township Staff



  Clerk/Treasurer    Jessica Maurer Clerk:  takes minutes of Town Board meetings; distributes agenda and any documents needed by Board, Planning Commission and residents.

Treasurer:  maintains record of expenditures and budget; writes checks on behalf on Township.
Phone (651) 436-1704

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 9am-4pm



  Troy Gilchrist

Advises Board and Planning Commission as to legal consequences of their actions; represents Township in any legal disputes or proceedings; ensures that meetings proceed in accordance with Township rules and statutes.

Contact Town Board Chair,
John Strohfus (612)384-5023


  WSB & Associates

  Kim Lindquist

Reviews all zoning and land-use applications, such as land-splits and subdivisions, for compatibility with the Township Comprehensive Plan

Contact Town Board Liaison,
Dawn Johnson (651)746-9589

 Building Inspector


 Stensland Inspections

 Isaac Stensland



Reviews all permit applications for compliance with all state and township building ordinances and codes.

NOTE:  Denmark Township has adopted the Minnesota State Uniform Building Code.

Isaac Stensland


Contact Town Board Liaison, 
Dawn Johnson (651)746-9589


  Focus Engineering

   Cara Geheren

Advises Board and Planning Commission, principally regarding road and drainage design and construction issues.

Contact Town Board Liaison,
John Strohfus (612) 384-5023

Road Maintenance


  Tri-County Services


Plows Township-owned roads in winter.

Maintains Township-owned gravel roads.

Contact Town Board Liaison,
Mike Femling 651-238-1048