Lot Line Adjustment

The division of land made for the purpose of adjusting the boundary lines of parcels of land to an abutting lot or to otherwise exchange property between adjacent lots which does not create any new lots, tracts, parcels, or sites; nor does a boundary adjustment create any lot, tract, parcel, or site which contains insufficient area and dimensions to meet minimum requirements for width, lot size, and area for building as required by the Denmark Township Zoning Ordinance. The newly acquired land must be combined on the same deed for recording purposes as the remainder of the owner’s property.


Review Process:
The Town Board must approve a Lot Line Adjustment. An applicant shall submit to the Town Clerk an application for the Lot Line Adjustment along with certain other submittals as required by the Township. The applicant shall pay in advance the appropriate application fees and deposit funds in escrow to cover the legal expenses of the Township, which are necessary to process, the request. Said fees and escrow shall be established by ordinance of the Township. The Township Attorney will review the application and recommend action to the Board. Upon approval of the application by the Town Board, the Township Attorney shall draft a Development Agreement for the Board to review. A Development Agreement shall be required for all lot line adjustments, unless the Board determines that an agreement is not necessary under the facts related to a particular application. Once approved, necessary documents must be submitted to Washington County for approval and recording. The applicant is responsible for all fees charged by Washington County.


Submittals for Lot Line Adjustments:
Escrow Policy
□ Legal description of the original parcel(s), portion(s) to be transferred and the proposed.
□ A certificate of survey showing the original parcel(s) and the new lot line adjustment parcel(s) and the lot dimensions.
□ Application Fee of $100
□ Escrow Deposit of $1,500

** NOTE: All improvements (buildings, fences, septic, well, etc.) on the property shall be shown on the certificate of survey.

*** Application fee and escrow deposit per fee schedule.