Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is designed as a community planning tool to direct development and manage growth.  Based on input from the community itself and from professionals, the plan states goals and policies that underlie ordinances and planning decisions.  The most recent Comprehensive Plan was completed and submitted for review and acceptance in 2010.

The Comp Plan includes:
  • A historical, demographic, and geographic snapshot of the community.
  • Community goals and policies in areas such as land use; housing; commerce and industry; transportation; environment/water resources; parks, open space, and recreation; and community facilities and services.
  • Growth management plan.
  • Surface water management plan.
  • A separate Mississippi River Critical Area Plan.
  • Implementation Program
The Comprehensive Plan can be viewed in its entirety by following the links below. It, as well as all Township Ordinances, is also available for public review at:
  • Washington County Law Library, Stillwater
  • Hastings Public Library
  • through the Town Clerk, Jessica Maurer